Denos Walsh

Edited by Philippe Huneman and Denis Walsh


  • Represents the most comprehensive and current survey of the various challenges to the Modern Synthesis theory of evolution
  • Incorporates a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, from evolutionary biologists, historians and philosophers of science
  • These essays constitute the state of the art in the current debate on the status of the Modern Synthesis
Time of Nature and the Nature of Time : Philosophical Perspectives of Time in Natural Sciences
BOUTON Christophe

This volume addresses the question of time from the perspective of the time of nature. Its aim is to provide some insights about the nature of time on the basis of the different uses of the concept of time in natural sciences. Presenting a dialogue between philosophy and science, it features a collection of papers that investigate the representation, modeling and understanding of time as they appear in physics, biology, geology and paleontology.

 Act-Based Conceptions of Propositional Content Contemporary and Historical Perspectives Edited by Friederike Moltmann and Mark Textor

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