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History and Philosophy of Science

EPIQUE is the first project where science evolution will be studied at such a large scale (over the entire datasets like the WoS or MedLine). From the viewpoint of philosophy of science, it allows testing theories on science evolution and nature which have been formulated only by considering a few canonical texts (the “great scientists of the pasts”, which introduces numerous biases) on a corpus that can reliably be seen as a plausible testimony of scientific activity.

Intuitions Bolzaniennes - ANR JCJC
Logic, Language, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Physics, Scientific Understanding, Unity of Science

Résumé : Probably one of the most under-appreciated thinkers of the XIX century is Bernard Bolzano who during his pious life elaborated milestone mathematical results as well as pioneering and fundamental philosophical concepts. Amongst the latter, following Aristotle, Bolzano attempted to analyze the idea of Abfolge, or grounding, a notion that nowadays, after decades of neglect, is at the centre of a great philosophical debate. Bolzano's work on the concept of grounding is uncompleted but rich in brilliant insights.

Epigénétique, hérédité et évolution : analyse d’un changement scientifique
Philosophy of Biology and Medicine

Titre : Epigénétique, hérédité et évolution : analyse d’un changement scientifique

Philosophy of Biology and Medicine
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From Models to Simulations