DUPONT Jean-Claude

Lecturer, University of Picardie, former associate member

Jean-Claude Dupont was born in 1958. Holder of three Ph. D. (Pharmacy, Biochemistry, History of Science), former Intern, he is a Lecturer of Philosophy since 1996. His research relates to the historical and epistemological relationship between biology and other disciplines (chemistry, physics, psychology and psychiatry), approached by the means of concepts located at their border (signals, images, memory...). These analyses are supposed to reveal the specific role of instrumentation, experiment and clinic in the construction of each studied object. But more generally, they aim clarifying the material and conceptual conditions necessary to the constitution of transverse scientific fields (biochemistry, biophysics, psychophysiology...), and at possibly recounting of their difficulties. He works moreover on positivism history, and contemporary philosophy of Spirit.

Research Team(s)
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